Training for Companies and People in the Crypto and NFT spaces
Coaching, support and empowerment both in your Web3 lives and beyond

Confidence, assertiveness, self management, motivation, stress management
Deeper understanding of, and better communication with others

When you and your team work with me, I will help you all to be in the optimum state to excel yourselves in your work and in the rest of your lives


Corporate Training

I am available to provide corporate training, either online or in person. This is based on NLP™ together with contributions from several other disciplines and a broad experience.

My job is to provide you with the best tools and ensure you are in the best emotional state to be able to achieve the exemplary results that you all want—and then to go out into the world to fully enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Courses can include the following:

  • Inner confidence, self esteem and self respect
  • Respectful, calm, yet firm assertiveness
  • Self-management and self-motivation
  • Stress management and pacing skills
  • How to come up with the best possible win-win situations
  • Learn how to more deeply understand other people
  • Learn how to know the best way to talk to them
  • Augmented sales skills 
  • Advanced language communication skills
  • Bringing out the best in yourself

In each course I will be teaching the basics of NLP, so that people understand how the various techniques work. However, as an SNLP (Society of NLP) licensed trainer, if you wish, I can train your teams up to SNLP Licenced NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner levels, with individual certificates signed by Dr. Bandler.

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What is NLP™?

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ is a way of understanding how we think in terms of what we remember and imagine visually, auditorily and in the senses of sensation, taste and smell, combined with an understanding of how language works to change how we think, feel and act.

A very simple example is if you remember something pleasurable or exciting as if you are reliving it, you will feel fairly vividly the same feelings that you had at the time.

If, however, you imagine seeing yourself in the past in that situation, as if you are looking at yourself in that memory from outside, then the feelings will be somewhat less.

If you imagine seeing yourself at some greater distance, saying “oh, that was then—that was a while ago,” then the good feelings will be much weaker still.

This same principle can be used to zoom out when viewing uncomfortable situations, so as to make them more comfortable, by viewing them at a distance.

NLP is based on the principle of ‘modelling’ where a person’s thinking patterns and mental strategies are unpacked into reproducible chunks. Many successful people’s strategies have been modelled and the best of them collated. This is the source of the many techniques and strategies which I teach. It is worth noting that these are all things that we already do to some degree naturally, but we are rarely aware of our own patterns. When you learn and practise these patterns consciously, you optimise them and amplify their effectiveness.

Previous Courses

I have run many general NLP courses, and three full NLP Licensed Practitioner courses for the general public, as well as business coaching, NLP training and facilitation for IT recruitment, telephone sales, schools and the UK National Health Service.

Others include a course on how to communicate and think about safety for the main contractor in a major rebuilding project at Devonport Dockyard the largest naval base in Western Europe. (see separate blog post)

I also ran a course in advanced communication techniques for a detachment of the UK Royal Marines. (see the blog here)


Your Training Sessions

I can work in groups of up to six people over video. They will either need to be in the same location or in same-location pairs to do face to face exercises. For groups larger than six, you can divide into smaller groups—or I can present to larger groups in person. For in-person training, twelve people is optimum on my own, though I can handle up to about 20. I am able to travel worldwide.

Privacy & Anonymity

I understand the need for discretion, particularly when I’m offering training to teams who share a workplace and goals in common. I am very happy to sign non-disclosure agreements and I keep client identity and information in strict confidence.



Our setup consultations are free.

Up to 6 people via video is $1000 per half day or $1500 per firsrt full day and $1000 per subsequent day. Deposit on booking: $1000.

Up to 20 people in person is $2000 per day plus any required travel and expenses at cost paid up front plus $1000 per day travel time. Deposit on booking $2000. More than 20 people is negotiable.

Individual corporate coaching is at $120 per hour flat rate with $120 deposit for the first session.

Payment in ether, bitcoin or a dollar-pegged ERC-20 stablecoin like USDC, DAI or USDT (I will provide my wallet address.)
Or UK pounds by bank transfer or PayPal.
Or US dollars via PayPal.
Please cover any gas or transfer fees.


Let me know what you would like to accomplish through training, for how many people, and how (video or in person) and where.

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We can arrange a preliminary chat via Calendly. I can be time flexible for calls, meetings and presentations, though please remember I am UK based.


Hello, I am David Owen, an NLP practitioner of over 30 years experience.

Prior to this, I had a career in business and industry, including the UK National Health Service and the BBC.

I helped make gyroscopes, sonar and metal detectors. I maintained kidney dialysis equipment and radiotherapy equipment for cancer treatment. In the BBC I worked on outside broadcasts and also produced early, live studio special video effects, supervising and directing engineers, camera operators and other staff to achieve them, and received network credits for this. I produced animations for music videos, put people into space or fairyland, and sometimes made them disappear—at least from the screen, though unfortunately in some cases, not in real life…

While at the BBC, I came across the Alexander Technique (a way of relaxing very deeply, that restores natural poise and coordination. See below.) After having regular lessons in this for three years, I left the BBC to train full time for a further three years as an Alexander Teacher.

While training there, I also trained in counselling and psychotherapy, knowing I could help people relax even more by helping them clear any backlog of emotional issues. I then came across NLP and was amazed at the difference it made, first in my life, and then in others. So I started training in that.

After training with four of the leading UK NLP trainers, I started training with Dr. Richard Bandler, its originator, who had just come over from the States and started training in London. I went through to Licensed Trainer level and then assisted on his courses for several years, getting personal commendations from him.

Richard’s training was a further eye opener for me, seeing how he seamlessly used NLP to teach NLP and get it deeply embedded in the muscle—not just as an academic knowledge. Also, witnessing a hundred or more people getting rid of phobias on the same day in the middle of the courses was quite astounding!

As mentioned, I have subsequently run many general NLP courses, 3 NLP Licensed Practitioner courses and a number of specialist courses for businesses.​

Loosen Up!

I have used NLP to develop a way of teaching and learning the Alexander Technique far more quickly and easily than usual, which I call Loosen Up.

David in a cave 2. © D. Owen 2022.

When you learn the technique this way, you will relax, mentally and physically, more quickly and deeply than you expect, which will free up your poise, coordination and mental clarity. This in turn will make you taller, more confident, maybe even more attractive, more efficient and reduce wear and tear on your mind and body so that you stay healthier and happier.

I am currently writing a book on my developments in the technique and will be producing a series of videos and remote courses on it. I am also available to give workshops to small groups on it and especially to groups of already qualified teachers, so they can learn to use my methods. I am available in Plymouth, Devon, UK for private one to one lessons or groups, and can also travel worldwide where there is enough demand.

If you want a little more detail on the technique, see this brief blog post here. If you are interested in learning the technique and in my developments with it, then see my separate website

Personal Life

At 73, I am still pretty active, fit and healthy. I do mine exploring, caving, walking by the coast or on the moors, litter picking, house renovation, occasional canoeing, a fair bit of travel and campaigning for a fairer world. I also do nerdy stuff like helping to fix 150 year old, narrow gauge railway wagons in North Wales and building a large model railway. Being young at heart, many of my friends are in their twenties, thirties or forties.

I live in a lovely old house on the edge of a park with my wife. I have two grown up, married children and seven grandchildren, one of whom recently got married.

You can find my blog, with more about me and my interests here—and website, reading and other recommendations on my FAQ page here.